Studies on Fraternity: pointers on the work done during this past decade

This article mentions some academic events of the past decade and some relevant publications on the topic of fraternity, with the goal of offering a direction in preparation for the appointment on the 11-13 of March, 2013, «Fraternity as Relational Principle, in Law and Politics»; Sophia University Institute, Loppiano (Florence).  
In these past years interest in fraternity has been greatly increasing, not intended as a parental relationship lived in private, and neither as a privileged relationship within a closed organization , religious or sectarian, but as a relational principle of thought and action which finds its realization and development in the public sphere. Fraternity is certainly not a recent discovery; it has a long and plural history, because the idea of fraternity, in its diverse versions, belongs to civilizations that arose in all continents and which left many and important traces in today’s cultures.

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