L’art comme metaxu. Origine et fécondité de l’oeuvre d’art, de Platon à Simone Weil



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Plato has often been accused of condemning the world of images, art and artists. But as S. Weil sees it, from the Sophist to the Timaeus, Plato is always contrasting the self-referential art of the sophists with art and beauty understood as metaxu towards the divine. The analogy between the 'divine' art of the Timaeus and artistic creation is thus in line with the fundamental principle of the Trinitarian metaphysics of beauty, from Thomas Aquinas to Balthasar. Where Heidegger sees the origin of the work of art in the impersonal cosmic Being, here beauty and art are expressio of a Good that remains transcendent while revealing itself in a sensible way. The Logos "perfect image" of the Father "fulfils" the Platonic vision of beauty as the revelation of the Good in the world.

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